Submit Your Comics for Pressing, Cleaning and/or Whitening

This form is for books under $1,000 in value. Please email us for higher value books

You may submit up to 10 comics at a time. If you have more than 10 comics you can either fill the form out as many times as required or you can email us at a list of the books and services you need and we can email you an Invoice. (If submitting the form multiple times causes the freight to be more than necessary we will refund the amount overpaid.) At this time comics submitted via this form can only be shipped inside the US. If you would like them shipped elsewhere please contact us at

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Pressing, Cleaning & Whitening Information

Need help deciding what your books need? Here are the services that we provide a brief example. If you aren't sure that your book needs anything besides pressing you may submit your books with just pressing checked and then in the notes add any other service you think it might need but aren't sure, such as "Clean if needed" or "Clean and Whiten if needed". In that case we will check the book and provice those requested services if needed and bill you after it is finished.

Comics we don't work on - We don't work on any comics with nudity or an "adult" theme. We reserve the right to refuse to work on any book for any reason. If we aren't able to work on your book we will contact you and provide a full refund of the services on that book.

Pressing - Pressing removes wrinkles, bends and creases from a comic book. It does not remove color breaks and can't remove all damage. Many factors effect the pressing process, including age, paper type, storage and the suppleness of the paper.

Cleaning - Cleaning is a non restorative process to remove surface dirt on the front and back cover. It can remove some pencil and some ink (but not all). It is not suitable for all books and does not remove all markings. It does not remove stains, soiling, ink or water damage.

Whitening - is a chemical free non restorative way to remove or reduce tanning and age related browning. It does not harm the ink colors. It is generally done on just the cover, contact us for pricing on interior pages as well.

Spine Roll Fix - is a fix for books with a mis-aligned spine. It is only for books that are in good condition, as it can cause damage to brittle books. (Spine Roll is not when the book has a curl to it, that is fixed by normal pressing)

Normal - Our current turnaround time is approx. 1 to 1 1/2 months. (All turnaround times are estimates and are subject to change without notice. They are based on the number of books ahead of your order, but as each book takes a different amount of time to press and clean we can't accurately predict the exact turnaround time.)

Priority - will cut the turnaround in half. If the normal turnaround time is approx. 2 months, then this order will be approx. 1 month.

Rush - will have your order done within 1-2 weeks as long as it is under 5 books. More books will still be rushed as quickly as possible but might take longer. If you have a deadline (like for a signing or a convention) please include the date you must have the books back in the note section and we will do our best to meet it.

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* We will pack your comics very carefully and ship them via USPS.